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Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle - Gustavo 

One night they were headed for Tahoe
They asked me along but I said fuck no
‘Cause I was tired and my money was tight
And they just laughed and said alright
And on the way back they got stopped
By a redneck sunnyside highway cop
Gustavo was drunk and had an ounce of pot
And spent the night on a jailhouse cot
They deported him back to Mexico
He called me collect from a Tijuana pay phone
Asking man, could you wire me money?
2500 for a border coyote
He needed work and he missed his family
But I hung up and I said I’m sorry
But I hung up and I felt uneasy
I hung up and my heart was heavy
I hung up and my back was aching
Picking up the work they’d left in front of me
The demoed walls and the pulled up floors
The busted up cabinets and the broken drawers
The kitchen sink was laying in the backyard
And I looked down and my hands were trembling
And I looked up and my roof was leaking